the End of the End or the voids that never stop growing







A co-creation between Alma d’Arame & Companhia João Garcia Miguel

“We have modified our environment so radically that we must now modify ourselves in order to exist. in this new environment.” – Norbert Wiener in The Human Use of Human Beings: Cybernetics and Society (1954)
The end besieged us. The end of all things that have left us, that we’ve learned, that we’ve built seems imminent. We feel the anguish of the end like those who climb a mountain. And a mountain is an inverted hole.
The premise is an indefinable tension between two worlds. The world as it is and the other one we dream about. Long ago we invented the languages that helped us build this worldly utopia that changed everything around us. And now these languages no longer help us. Because they prevent change. Because they imprison us, they limit the senses and transform us into informants.
The initial concept was a play about the premeditated end of objects, known as planned obsolescence. A predicted death for objects. We slowly also transform into obsolete objects. The end of all things is welcomed, joyously voicing life learning to say goodbye. Things are changing. Hidden currents impel us.
We waltz and we slowly transform into dogs. We are the children and the fruit of algorithmic experiments by innovative companies. There is nothing we can do. We are losing words. A little more each day. Everything is changing radically. We too must also learn how to change. We feel increasingly better living a dog’s life. Just so there is a place for everyone.


Initial concept | Amândio Anastácio

Text | João Garcia Miguel

Set and Staging | Amândio Anastácio & João Garcia Miguel

Performers | Duarte Melo & Paulo Quedas

Score | João Bastos

Costumes | Rute Osório de Castro

Technical Team | Luís Gomes & Roger Madureira

Director of Production | Georgina Pires & Joana Crespo

Communication | Alma d’Arame

Press Officer | Susana Otão

Social Media and Website | João Simões

Designer | Vasco Costa & Carolina Braga

Photography | Inês Sambas

Video | Pedro Grenha

Teaser | Roger Madureira

Dissemination and Distribution | Vicente Paredes

Co-Production: Alma d’Arame & Companhia João Garcia Miguel

Structure Funded by: DGArtes e Governo de Portugal

Support: Câmara Municipal de Montemor-o-Novo