Who am I?

I believe that art transforms life. My mission is to contribute to a society of empowered individuals who follow humanist values.
I am a professional playwright and scenographer in the field of puppet and object theatre and an artistic director of plays, musicals, festivals and joint creations with the community, thus aiming at contributing to an inclusive cultural and educational agenda. With my own cultural projects, I support cities and communities in their endeavour to develop cultural life in their communities, in collaboration with other companies or artists. I am also the Artistic Director of Alma d’Arame, a cultural association in Portugal, where I create and manage yearly cultural programmes funded by the Portuguese Government and EEA Grants.

Artistic Director

I shift my focus between directing plays and large public events, such as festivals. Over the past 13 years, I have regularly directed plays and international puppet festivals, including traditional puppet festivals, seeking to showcase the several languages used in puppetry, object theatre and experimental theatre. I am currently exploring a visual, experimental and digital concept in my plays for an adult audience, seeking to discover new languages in common spaces. Live original music is part of this concept.

Festival Producer

When directing plays and festivals, I often accumulate the role with that of producer. I therefore have extensive experience in directing and producing larger cultural and artistic events and programmes, focused on public performances and on attracting a larger audience. These kinds of events are also an interesting way to promote joint ventures with stakeholders in the community, such as schools, music schools, and cultural associations.


I have been a passionate puppeteer for more than 20 years and continue to manipulate the puppets in the plays I direct.

Puppet Builder

I have over 20 years’ experience in designing and building original puppets. Being a puppeteer myself, I know what it takes to make a truly functional puppet that will bring the artist’s wishes and needs to life. All puppets are handcrafted with high quality materials and created with care and attention to detail.


I have always been a scenographer. Although I have moved on to other artistic areas, I continue to design sets. I am currently an active member of APCEN, the Portuguese Scenography Association.

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Eric de Sarria
Actor and Puppeteer

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