“If, closed in our language, you lack understanding of our arguments, then instead of
speech, make indication with barbarian hand”

ÉSQUILO, Agamémnon






​”Solitária” (Solitaire) builds upon the performance shows that Alma d’Arame has been developing since its inception. This laboratory, which is always open to be explored and to address the need to find new narratives, is becoming the hallmark of our work. We each start out in our own solitary space. On the one hand, it’s a place for the narrative, the performance, the puppet, the being and the object, and, on the other, a place for programming, kinetics and multimedia. From our individual solitary places, we see the shared space for creation start to form.

We all have and need that time to ourselves. It’s where we take refuge, a place that is ours alone, where we can relive memories, hide, think, feel and take things in. This is where we find our sense of self. And this is what this performance is about.

It’s in this laboratory that this solitary confrontation between man and machine, between what’s real and virtual reality, takes place, and it’s this confrontation that will lead us to experiment and seek new narratives. The kinetic movement of the body and how it occupies empty space will create this audiovisual narrative.


Artistic Director | Amândio Anastácio

Performers | Susana Nunes

Multimedia | Luis Grifu

Score | João Bastos

Puppets | Raul Constante Pereira

Set and Lighting Design | Amândio Anastácio

Lighting Operation and Assembly | António Costa

Production | Teresa Mendes

Photography | Inês Samina

Video | Pedro Grenha

Production | Alma d’Arame

Supported by | Montemor-o-Novo City Council

Partners | Espaço do Tempo

Organisation funded by | DGARTES and the Portuguese Government